J & B   Dynamic Microphone


~12 feet cord 
~Freq. response: 80-13,000 Hz.




J & B  Wireless Microphone





Diecast professional uni-directional microphone. Complete with storage case, 20' cord and bracket.
 Impedance: 600Ω
 Frequency response: 60Hz to 12KHz
 Sensitivity: -73db @ 1KHz
 Weight: 285 grams



Electret Microphone

Omni-directional Electret Cartridge.

Impedance: same as load resistor (RL)
 Sensitivity: -69db (Vcc=4.5V RL=1KW)
 Freq. response: 50Hz - 13KHz
 Input voltage: 1.5V to 10V (Typ. 4.5V)
 Current: .6mA maximum
 S/N ratio: over 40db